Multiplayer - An Essential Development Challenge

My vision for Danger Darrel always had multiplayer in mind. But starting off developing the first game title directly as a multiplayer game seemed like an extreme challenge. With the core single player in place, it was now time to dive into the challenges of finally bringing multiplayer to life!

"Danger Darrel" has launched!

The day has finally come! "Danger Darrel" has finally launched and is now available on the App Store

Less than a month to go!

It has been quite a while since the last update but a lot has happened since the last post.

With the launch on the 14th October approaching fast, a lot of changes and implementations have been taking place in "Danger Darrel"

Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

Today "Danger Darrel" launched his Kickstarter Campaign

The campaign will run until the 13th of September 10:00PM CEST. The funding will assist in the marketing activities to help for the launch this Fall. This will include promotions and advertising.

By backing this project, you will be rewarded in form of redeem codes for In-App purchases in Danger Darrel when the game launches!

Danger Darrel Coming to Kickstarter

Exciting news!! "Danger Darrel" is starting a Kickstarter Campaign

The campaign launches on Monday, 17th of August at 08:00AM GMT The funding will assist in the marketing activities to help for the launch this Fall. This will include promotions and advertising.

By backing this project, you will be rewarded in form of redeem codes for In-App purchases in Danger Darrel when the game launches!

Open Beta Launch on iOS & Android

I am glad to announce that today the Open Beta for Danger Darrel started on iOS and Android! Here you will find the links to the download pages on iOS and Android

Closed Beta Feedback & Status Update

The Beta Testing Phase turned out to be great! Thank you again to all the Beta testers out there that took the time to play the game and provided their great feedback.

There was a lot of great pointers. Whether it was bug fixes in the core game structure or errors in the UI. In advance there have been a lot of great ideas to further implement. Such as the integration of a cutscene to introduce Darrel, pop-ups to show that you have levelled up, or the integration of a dynamic environment changer.

iOS Beta Testers Wanted

"Danger Darrel" is slowly but steadily reaching the Beta testing stage!

The core gaming principles are in place and the core structure should be working. At this point, I need your input on the functions, mechanics, physics and UI elements. What works for you? What bothers you? What should be changed, what would you like?

"Air Hawk" Development Process

The past weeks were dedicated to create more and more planes for "Danger Darrel", each with unique characteristics and properties.

Danger Darrels' next plane should be a very agile and fast plane. Therefore the next appropriate plane in line is a stunt plane. Although it is not made for long distances and won't have the most economic fuel consumption, obstacles and dangers will easily be evaded.

"Twin Blaze" Development Process

"Danger Darrel" received another plane to his collection! This time it is a powerful dual engine airplane called the "Twin Blaze". Before beginning 3D modelling, the concept was first created as a sketch to workout the proportions and rough details.

Caravan Development Process

Danger Darrel needs a home to stay. Given his story and the setting he is in, I came to the conclusion that he would most likely live in a caravan in order to be as close as possible to his beloved planes.

Bird Asset & Shader Animation

Following the previous post of creating a shader to simulate the wind movement on plants, it was time to create an animated bird to fly through the canyon valley.

Environment Assets & Shader

Even though the setting of "Danger Darrel" takes place in a hot canyon, the environment should still be lively to contribute to the overall aesthetics in the game.

Airplane Texturing

Once the plane was modelled in Blender 2.8, the next step was to UV Unwrap the model and texture the plane in Substance Painter.

Airplane Concept Development

"Danger Darrel" will incorporate several different airplanes the player will need to unlock throughout the game. Here is one of the first planes I decided to incorporate into the game and would like to share with you the process in the upcoming days.

Retopology | High-Poly to Low-Poly

There are several methods to optimize performance but one that really impacted me is Retopology. Once you have your super detailed High Poly Model, the idea is to rebuild this model with as little polys as possible (here you have to find the balance what best works for you). At a later stage, you are then able to “bake” the details from the High-Poly Model onto the Low-Poly model.

Danger Darrel | 3D Modelling Process

With the Character Sketch as a reference, it was time to get into the 3D modelling of Danger Darrel using Blender 2.8.

Character Development | Sketching

So where did the idea of Danger Darrel come from? When I came up with the game concept, I wanted to shape the game around the story and character.

The Protagonist - "Danger Darrel"

Let me introduce to you - Danger Darrel.

So what is the Game Concept?

So what will be the actual game? The game is titled "Danger Darrel" and will be developed for Mobile Platforms.


Welcome to Hoonaya and this very first blog post. I am thrilled to introduce this project and give you a quick introduction.

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