Progress Update January 2023

Happy new year! A lot has been going on since the last blog post. Smaller updates are shared on Discord and Twitter which is why the last blog post has been a while.

So what has happened? A lot actually! A substantial amount of time was still invested into the overall performance and game structure.

Game Content:

  • Cargo plane was finalized for the intro scene along with all animations. Additionally, the cargo plane wreckage was modelled and textured.
  • Development of a new map area. This will hide a few treasures and provide new areas discover. Underwater as well as above, providing new space for base building.
  • Sonorous received its first deep water creature! It is rigged, textured, animated and ready to attack. In advance, humpback whales were added and the overall fish system was improved in terms of smoother movements, player reactions and overall behaviours.
  • Working towards the first 30 minutes of gameplay, a dialogue system was integrated and the environment was further developed with new environment asset such as corals, stones and cliffs to add variety and supplement the overall world building.
  • Reworked the underwater aesthetics and adapted light spectrum. The water surface now throws a light flare and the red lighting spectrum is reduced underwater.
  • Added sound effects when swimming.
  • In advance, "Sonorous" finally received a steam store page and a first gameplay trailer was made. Make sure to wishlist "Sonorous" on steam!

    What's Next: My current goal is to continue working on the first 30 minutes of gameplay. This will involve:

  • Continued world building and structuring.
  • AI development for human enemies.
  • Additional Weapons, Tools and crafting elements.
  • Menu & Settings UI interface.
  • HDR Implementation and continuous optimizations & improvements.
  • Continuous optimizations and improvements.
  • I would be very grateful to hear your thoughts, input and suggestions throughout development. Make sure to join the HOONAYA Discord Channel. I am looking forward to see you there!