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HOONAYA's mission is to create engaging and compelling gaming experiences. We believe that a fun game is created by the passion and dedication throughout the development process, aiming to challenge the player and bring a smile.

A Holistic Approach

The core of gaming is fun! And thats what is being implemented in the development process along with passion, dedication and a spark of creativity.

Games are developed with the user in mind, aiming for beautiful & optimised graphics with the gameplay in focus.

User Centricity

The user is the most important part throughout the development process to ensure the game provides a fantastic experience!

Platform Optimization

Games should be meant to be played in high quality. Hoonaya focuses on the platform requirements to ensure smooth gameplay

Arcade Fun

An Arcade expierience pushing your own limits and competing with your friends - even on a global scale!

Game Performance

Pushing for the most beautiful graphics and visual effects without overstraining your device

Game News

Find here the latest reviews and articles