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Welcome Pilot!

"Danger Darrel" is here and needs your help to test his new airplanes in this fun 3D arcade action adventure game! He loves the thrill and pushing his beloved machines to their limits, flying through the narrowest paths and fulfilling his desire for adrenaline.

Get as far as possible in the hostile and ever-changing endless canyon valley, confronted with dangerous obstacles you might not expect. Make sure to collect various items and that you do not run out of fuel! Do you have what it takes?

Your goal? Get as far as possible with the individual airplanes to become the master on the global leaderboards where you will play against your friends and compete against pilots worldwide!

"Danger Darrel" Features

• A constantly changing environment with various dynamic and unexpected challenges

Multiple leaderboards to compete with your friends and other global players

Level-up and unlock a range of aircrafts, all with unique flying mechanics including maneuverability, turning speeds and weapons

Collect multiple skins and gadgets to personalise your game!



"What specifications does my device require to run "Danger Darrel"?"

"Danger Darrel" runs on all iOS devices with minimum iOS 13 and Android devices with minimum Android 9 and more than 3GB ram.

"Do I need to be online in order to play "Danger Darrel"?

You only need to be online for the first start to register your account/profile. After that you can always play Danger Darrel offline in single player mode. Your progress will be saved to the cloud the next time you have a stable internet connection.

"Is my progress synchronized across devices?"

Yes, as long as your device has the same operating system.

"Can I adjust the game camera?"

Yes, when you pause your session run, you will find the button on the bottom left of your screen.

"Will there be more content coming?"

Yes definitely! "Danger Darrel" will receive regular updates with new contents and accessories. Make sure to follow the HOONAYA social media channels to get updated on new content


"How does the damage system work?"

Each weapon has individual properties as well as planes having various health levels which you can see in the main menu multiplayer screen. Once a plane has less than 50% health it starts smoking, below 25% it starts burning!

"How does matchmaking work?"

When you press matchmaking, the game will immediately connect you to rooms where other players are waiting for opponents. In the countdown timer window, players still have the opportunity to join in before the session starts. If no rooms are currently available, you will become a host and wait for other pilots to join. Depending on your location, you will be connected to the server region most suitable.

"Can I play with friends?"

You can see your friends progress via leaderboards. A dedicated private match and friends matchmaking is a feature planed in the future. It might be that you end up in the same match with your friends though.

"What does cross compatibility mean?"

It means that iOS users, can also play online races vs Android users and vice versa!

"How can I set my online user name?"

You can set your own username shown to other players via the "Settings" button in the multiplayer main menu.

"I seem to lose connection to the session sometimes. What is up with that?"

For an optimal game experience, it is recommended to play over a stable connection (ideally via WIFI). Mobile networks, depending on your location and region, can sometimes be a bit unreliable.

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